Friday, 25th
(Parallel: Knowledge Media Design Session)
  08:30 Registration (Knowledge Media Design Session)

  09:00 Keynote: Interactive Digital Storytelling Systems as Knowledge Media
Ronald M. Baecker
Knowledge Media Design Institute, Toronto

  10:30 Coffee Break

  11:00 Session IVa: Authoring
Session Chair: Johanna Dechau

    Writing Interactive Fiction Scenarii with DraMachina
Stéphane Donikian¹, Jean-Noël Portugal²
² D sign,

    A Toolkit for Authoring Non-linear Storytelling Environments Using Mixed Reality
Daniel F. Abawi, Silvan Reinhold, Ralf Dšrner
Professur Graphische Datenverarbeitung, Johann Wolfgang Goethe-UniversitŠt, {abawi,sreinhold,doerner}

    Learning from Movie Industry: Adapting Production Processes for Interactive Storytelling in VR
Richard Wages¹, Benno GrŸtzmacher¹ and Stefan Conrad²
¹ Laboratory for Mixed Realities, {wages, gruetzmacher}
² Fraunhofer IMK, Schloss Birlinghoven,

    A system to Compose Movies for Cross-cultural Storytelling: Textable Movie
Catherine Vaucelle¹, Glorianna Davenport²
Media Lab Europe

  11:00 Session IVb: Knowledge Media Design
Presentations and reflections on case studies:
Short Statements on eLearning and eGovemment in context of Knowledge Media Design

  12:30 Lunch

  13:30 Demos & Exhibition

  15:00 Session Va: Mobile
Session Chair: N.N.

    Hopstory: an Interactive, Location-based Narrative Distributed in Space and Time
Valentina Nisi, Alison Wood, Glorianna Davenport, Ian Oaklay
MediaLabEurope, Sugarhouse Lane, Bellevue, {vnisi, woodsy, gid}

    Mobile Entertainment Computing
Christian Geiger¹, Volker Paelke², Christian Reimann³
¹ University of Applied Science Harz,
² University of Hannover, IKQ,
³ Paderborn University, C-LAB,

  15:00 Session Vb: Knowledge Media Design
Round Table with Roland M. Baecker

  16:00 Coffee Break

  16:30 Session VI: Learning
Session Chair: Ido Iurgel

    StoryNet: An Educational Game for Social Skills
Leonie SchŠfer¹, Agnes Stauber², Bozana Bokan³
¹ Fraunhofer Institute FIT,
² UniversitŠt der KŸnste Berlin, Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftskommunikation (GWK),
³ Freie UniversitŠt Berlin, Center fŸr Digitale Systeme (CEDIS),

    Inner Earth: Towards Interaction Patterns
Peter Stephenson¹, Keiko Satoh¹, Audray Klos¹, Diane Kinloch², Emily Taylor², Cindy Chambers²
¹ imedia
² Questacon: The National Science and Technology Center

    Media Art Environment GEIST: Integrating Traditional Painting into 3D AR Storytelling Scenario
Oliver Schneider¹, Stefan Gšbel¹, Christian Meyer zu Ermgassen²
¹ Digital Storytelling Department, ZGDV e.V. Darmstadt,
{oliver.schneider, stefan.goebel}

  18:30 Social Event: Visit Cybernarium or Sightseeing
Music: Gregor Graf

  20:00 Dinner & Party