Friday, 25th

  08:30 Registration (Knowledge Media Design Session)

  09:00 Keynote: Interactive Digital Storytelling Systems as Knowledge Media
Ronald M. Baecker
Knowledge Media Design Institute, Toronto

    Abstract. Knowledge media are systems, technologies, and artifacts that enhance human thinking, creativity, learning, communications, and collaboration. Of particular interest are digital knowledge media incorporating interactive computer and communications technology. In this talk, we shall sketch why digital knowledge media are so powerful, and illustrate these concepts with a review of almost 40 years of work on the design, implementation, use, and evaluation of interactive digital storytelling systems. These will quite predictably include systems for interactive animation, digital video authoring and publishing, and current work on interactive webcasting and archiving. The concepts will also be interpreted to encompass systems for software visualization as well as work that is just beginning on electronic memory aids.  
  10:30 Coffee Break

  11:00 Session IVa: Authoring

  11:00 Session IVb: Knowledge Media Design
Presentations and reflections on case studies:
Short Statements on eLearning and eGovemment in context of Knowledge Media Design

    Presentations and reflections on case studies. Short statements on eLearning in context of Knowledge Media Design by:

Udo Bleimann aida, University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt
Bernd Herkner Senckenberg Natural History Museum, Frankfurt
Christoph Hornung Fraunhofer IGD, Darmstadt
Harald Reiterer Computer and Information Science, University of Konstanz
Birgit Riemenschneider Media System Designer, Darmstadt
Frank Thissen University of Applied Sciences, Stuttgart
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  12:30 Lunch

  13:30 Demos & Exhibition

  15:00 Session Va: Mobile

  15:00 Session Vb: Knowledge Media Design
Round Table with Roland M. Baecker

  16:00 Coffee Break

  16:30 Session VI: Learning

  18:30 Social Event: Visit Cybernarium or Sightseeing

  20:00 Dinner & Party