Saturday, 26th
  09:00 Session VII: Theory
Session Chair: Michael Mateas

    Narrative, Game Play and Alternative Time Structures for Virtual Environments
Craig A. Lindley
Institutionen fšr Teknik, Konst och Nya Medier,

    Conceptual Models for Interactive Digital Storytelling in Knowledge Media Applications
Ulrike Spierling
FH Erfurt, University of Applied Sciences,

  09:50 Coffee Break

Demos & Exhibition

  10:15 Session VIII: Applications
Session Chair: Brunhild Bushoff

    Telling Stories with Dialogue Boxes to Retrieve Documents
Daniel Gonalves¹, Joaquim Jorge²
Computer Science Department, Instituto Superior TŽcnico

    Presenting the Media Docks Luebeck with the Digital Storytelling System Jeherazade
Peter Hoffmann¹, Tim Eggert², Lia Hadley¹, Michael Herczeg¹
IMIS Institute for Multimedia and Interactive Systems
¹ {hoffmann, hadley, herczeg}

    Scene-Driver: An Interactive Narrative Environment using Content from an Animated Childrenās Television Series
Annika Wolff¹, Paul Mulholland¹, Zdenek Zdrahal¹, and Richard Joiner²
¹ Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University,
² Department of Psychology, University of Bath,

  11:30 Coffee Break

  12:00 Session IX: Gaming
Session Chair: Anja Hoffmann

    On Distributing Interactive Storytelling: Issues of Event Synchronization and a Solution
Stefano Ferretti, Marco Roccetti, Stefano Cacciaguerra
Department of Computer Science, University of Bologna, {sferrett, roccetti, scacciag}

    Interaction and Expressive Cinematography in Video Games: Harnessing the Rhetoric of Film
Laurent Cozic, Stephen Boyd Davis, Huw Jones
Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University, {l.cozic, s.boyd-davis, d.h.jones}

    Exploring Narratives for Physical Play: A Pop-up Guide to an Interactive Playground
Kyle Kilbourn¹, Larisa Sitorus¹, Ken Zupan¹, Johnny Hey¹, Aurimas Gauziskas¹, Marcelle Stienstra², Martin Andresen³
University of Southern Denmark, Mads Clausen Institute,
¹ {kyle, larisa, aurimas,ken, johnny}

  13:10 Closing & Lunch

  14:30 Optional Trip to Heidelberg