Little Red Riding Hood Panel --- Authoring Workshop


Little Red Riding Hood Blog - The Authoring Process in Interactive Storytelling


At the ICIDS 2008 Workshop on Authoring Interactive Storytelling, around 35 participants met on the Saturday after the conference.

We identified several open questions that we want to follow up upon. Further, we found that it would be useful to have a repository of the authoring tools and concepts, which were presented during the 'Little Red Riding Hood Panel' on Friday, including their story concepts.

These are the online follow-ups of this discussion:

The Little Red Cap Blog

Repository (collaboratively authored) of authoring tools and story adaptation concepts. The questions answered and topics discussed by each presenter of a tool are:
Tool Architecture: Describe particular features of your approach or your technology for Interactive Storytelling!
Storyworld Concept: Describe an outline of your particular adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, including the role of the user / player!
Example Scene: Describe in more detail one example scene of the conceived storyworld that is characteristic for your approach!
Creation Process: Describe how an author uses your tools to create exactly that example scene!

Interactive Storytelling 08 online

The online companion of the full conference. Each workshop and paper can be discussed.