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Workshop: The Authoring Process in Interactive Storytelling

Saturday, 29.11.2008
14:00 - 17:00
(Exact times are adaptable to circumstances)


At TIDSE 2006, we conducted a pre-conference demo workshop that addressed the issue of developing accessible solutions for the creation of interactive storytelling artworks and applications. As a principle of the workshop, participants demonstrated their authoring systems using a shared story: the Grimm’s fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. They were allowed to change and adapt the initial story in order to meet the underlying technical philosophy of their system, and in order to introduce interactivity. This exercise quickly made obvious that a) – not surprisingly – there are several ways and strategies to make a story interactive, and b) that the creative approaches suggested by these systems differ fundamentally, making it hard to get an integrated picture of ‘Interactive Storytelling’ from a creator’s point of view.
The comparative approach of this ‘hands-on’ workshop prompted vivid discussions, and provided a platform to even explain some cryptic algorithms to a broader audience than only to A.I. researchers. Because of the encouraging results, the concept of the initial workshop is revived at Interactive Storytelling ’08. In this second edition, in addition to tool demonstrations and a workshop, a plenary panel with brief presentations is organized. It provides a quick overview of showcases in current state-of-the-art authoring systems and creation methods.
The questions answered and topics discussed by each presenter of a tool are:

Tool Architecture: Describe particular features of your approach or your technology for Interactive Storytelling!
Storyworld Concept: Describe an outline of your particular adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood, including the role of the user / player!
Example Scene: Describe in more detail one example scene of the conceived storyworld that is characteristic for your approach!
Creation Process: Describe how an author uses your tools to create exactly that example scene!

Workshop participants discuss the state of the art in the creation process for Interactive Storytelling, and identify future work.

The results are discussed further on in the form of a weblog.